Here at The Law Offices of Brandon White we represent individuals in matters involving Civil & Criminal Traffic Citations, Truck Driver Traffic Defense, and DUI Law.

A traffic citation can have disastrous consequences for both the local commuter and the professional truck driver, from increasing already-high auto insurance rates to driver’s license suspensions, paying hefty court fines which can put a strain into your hard earned finances, and in the case of CDL Holders, even cause them to lose their jobs. That’s where I come in. I’ll put my 10 years of experience as a former traffic and highway cop to work for you in defending and protecting your driver’s record from these citations and consequences.

The Law Offices of Brandon White — Dedicated to protecting the rights of motorists and professional drivers in Arizona.

Whether you are an Arizona resident or just driving through the Grand Canyon State when you’re stopped by the police, I can even appear in court on your behalf with most cases not requiring you to have to show up.

When it comes to attorneys practicing law you can’t be good at anything if you try to do everything. So why would anyone hire a law firm that dabbles in every type of law imaginable? I am a traffic lawyer – that is all I do. So don’t hesitate and stress any longer, call The Law Offices of Brandon White today and put my firm to work for your case.

Our Commitment

Our firm believes every motorist and CDL Truck Driver deserves to have his or her rights protected and deserves a fair fight to keep both their criminal record and driving record clear. At The Law Offices of Brandon White, Traffic Law is all we do. Our commitment to our clients is to provide diligent, competent representation, open client communication, and the utmost customer service. We offer free initial consultations and are a 100% flat fee billing law firm, which means no billing our clients by the hour and no surprise hidden fees. We provide one low rate for your traffic defense.

When faced with traffic offense charges, time is not on your side. Don’t hesitate to contact The Law Offices of Brandon White and have your free initial consultation today.

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